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Baseball Draft

Baseball draft is popularly known as ‘First Year Player Draft’ or ‘Rule 4 Draft’. It is one of the most important aspects of MLB’s strategy for selecting amateur baseball players from various educational institutions and assigning it to its different teams. This draft order is calculated on the basis of the performance of the teams in the previous matches. Teams losing free agents in the back to back off seasons stand in a good chance to be given compensatory selections. A free agent is none but a baseball player whose contract with a team has expired. In such a case, he becomes eligible to sign with some other club or franchise.  
Baseball draft is an essential component of the game. It is in fact, one of the key factors that determine the value and merit of the players, the teams and their performance in the recent past and present matches.
History of the Baseball Draft
In June, the First Year Player Draft is held. The Major League Baseball, popularly known as MLB, started allotting drafts to minor league players since the year 1921. In the year 1965, MLB’s first amateur draft was held. After this, it became customary to organize three different drafts every year. Out of these, the draft which was held in June was the longest. Many students from various academic institutions attended and participated in this. The second and third drafts were organized in the next few months.
Rules for Baseball Drafts
It is very important for a baseball player to be drafted at some point of his career. Once a player is drafted as a pick, he cannot be traded. Picked players are not allowed to be traded for one year after they have been drafted. Given below are a few eligibility factors for drafting a player:-
  • The player should be a citizen of United States, Canada or other US territories. Players who belong to any other country will not be eligible for drafting.
  • The drafted player should never have been signed before by any other team or club.
  • High school players should have completed graduation before they are eligible to play.
  • Junior and Community college players can be drafted any time.
Draft Order
In most cases, the draft orders are usually the reverse of the rankings of the previous year. If there is a tie breaker between both contesting teams then, the team with the worst record is given the highest pick.
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