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Baseball History

Although, the game of baseball or the Great American Pastime has become part and parcel of American tradition, but baseball history is still a subject of debate and controversy. It is mostly believed that England is the origin of baseball. The game has been instigated from an English game called rounders which was played in the early 1800s. It was then known as "Town Ball". At the primitive stage of baseball, the game was also known as "Round Ball", "Fletch-catch", "Base Ball", "Goal Ball", "stool ball", and "Base".
History of baseball in the US
There is no specific record by which it could be told when the Americans first started playing baseball. In the 18th century, the American amateurs would play a baseball-like game. They wouldn’t follow any formal rule and basically used improvised baseball equipments. The printed proof of history of baseball in the US could be found in a bylaw which was written in 1791 in the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Founded on September 23, 1845, the NY Knickerbockers was the first recognized official baseball playing club. Alexander Cartwright is regarded as the Father of modern baseball who wrote the first rules of baseball.
In 1857, the rules were appraised. The first baseball league namely the National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP) was organized in 1858. According to the record, the first college baseball game was played between Amherst and Williams in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1859. In this game, Williams were defeated by Amherst. The National League was formed in 1875.
History of baseball outside the United States
As per the written evidence, first baseball was played outside North America in the year 1874.  During their tour to England, the members of the Boston and Philadelphia clubs demonstrated baseball. On the other hand, the members of the Chicago club and a number of All-Stars spread out the game in the south Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Australia in 1888-1889.
The Cuban students who were not well in studies would play baseball for earning their living. Some also would play this game to refresh themselves and divert their minds from the independence war. In Spain, baseball was immensely popular as a very good medium of fighting against each other. By 1900, baseball gained immense popularity in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.
History of Baseball in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is regarded as the origin of Baseball games. Although the record shows that the game was first played around 1755 in England, but actually the Englishmen started playing this game long early. It was in the 1860s when the semi and fully professional baseball clubs were established. Presently, the country comprises over 40 baseball teams and 875 adult players.
History of baseball in Japan

The exact date of introduction of baseball in Japan is unknown, but it is believed that Horace Wilson, a professor of Tokyo University (then Kaisei Gakko) introduced baseball in Japan in the year 1872. The Shimbashi Athletic Club was the first baseball team which was founded in the year 1878.

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