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ALL STAR GAME - National at American


There are talks about the American League’s dominance in the All-Star game.
Ryan Howard wants to change it this time and end the drought for the National League. During the Baseball's Midsummer Classic in 2002 the NL morale was boosted by a 7-7 tie in 2002.
Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez will be starting for the NL at Angel Stadium. In the bullpen: Josh Johnson the ace from Marlins, Roy Halladay the Mr. Perfect with an ERA of 3.16 from the Phillies and Tim Lincecum winner of NL Cy Young Award from the Giants and so on.



NL BEATS AL, but the baseball legend GEORGE left.



The baseball legend GEORGE STEINBRENNER left this great day.
Brian McCann's one swing and the National League took the lead from the American League at All Star Game in Anaheim. In seventh inning McCann hit a three run double by taking the national's scoreboard lead to 3-1, leading to a much awaited victory since 1996 against the American league.





Are you wondering for the latest baseball news? You have hit the right spot. All the updated news related to baseball game from across the world is available right here. Whether you are an avid baseball player or just an aficionado spectator, this website will offer you an in-depth look at the game. You will find the latest news of all the major leagues, players, spring training, etc. There are some popular baseball magazines and websites that also offer latest news about this game. Some of the top names are as follows:

Baseball Hobby News

The Baseball Hobby News was first published in 1979 as a baseball news-oriented magazine. Primarily the aim of this magazine was to serve news on baseball memorabilia collecting. This United States based baseball magazine was established by Frank and Vivian Barning. Apart from highlighting on baseball cards, it also offers information on baseball collectibles like postcards, stamps, autographs, press pins, uniforms and many more.


Sporting News


The Sporting News, formerly known as The Sporting News, came into existence in 1886. This American-based sports magazine is highly popular as "The Bible of Baseball" due to its superb reporting on baseball game. The Sporting News Radio is its allied radio network. In addition to the Major League Baseball (MLB), the Sporting News also provides news on seven main sports namely NASCAR, the National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA men's basketball and football, and the National Football League (NFL).


 MLB Live Scores

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Baseball America


With the motto of “Baseball news you can't find anywhere else" the Baseball America was founded in 1981. The Baseball America is one of the most renowned baseball magazines. Updated news from every level of the game is covered by this magazine. Apart from hosting a website, Baseball America also publishes a bi-weekly newspaper, a weekly podcast, and five annual reference book titles. Special highlight is also given on the prevailing players in high school, college, and the minor leagues.




The number of websites is also massive that offer updated details about baseball game. LSUsport.net is a well-liked name in this context. It offers latest news about the arena of baseball, game schedule and many more.


Mister Baseball


Mister Baseball is yet another popular website to the baseball buffs. All the most recent happenings of the European Leagues as well as detailed news are available in this website.



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