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Baseball Scores



The goal of the participating teams in a baseball game is to score more runs to win the match. Baseball scores record all the details of a match as it continues to unfold. One can refer to it at any point of time during the match to learn about the present match situation. Different baseball leagues have their official scorers who are trained in baseball scorekeeping. However fans also keep a tab on the score for their own enjoyment. Live baseball scores are also available in various websites. It provides an excellent opportunity to the baseball fans to keep themselves updated with the live game, in case they are neither at the stadium nor in front of television.

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The Scorecards

There can be different types of baseball scorecards. However, all the scorecards have some basic features in common. Those can be listed as below. In a baseball game, two scorecards are used (one for each team).

  • A scorecard records general information such as date, time and location of the match, and names of the participating teams.
  • It lists batting lineup with uniform number and player position.
  • It records play-by-play action as the game progresses.It also tallies the details of every player such as at-bats, runs, and hits at the end.
  • It lists the pitchers as well.

Types of Baseball Scores

There can be various types of baseball scores, the most common of which are box score and line score. A box score records the statistical summary of a baseball game. On the other hand, a line score is a condensed version of box score.

Line Score

Line score, a two-line chart (one for each team), records the details of two teams. One can learn about run totals of each team by inning, total runs, total hits, and total errors on a line. In case the home team doesn’t bat in the bottom of 9th inning as it’s leading already, there won’t be any number of runs in that position. Instead, the position will be marked as ‘X’.

Box Score

Box score is a more detailed one and includes all the statistics of line score, plus other statistics relating to individual and team performance. At the top, box score lists date, time and place of the match. Line score is a part of box score, which also get listed near the top of it. Additionally, box score records the batting performance of each player. The players are grouped by team and are listed by last name (unless two players with same name are playing in the match. In this case, distinctive first initial is used). Visiting team is listed first. The batting roles or fielding positions of the players are given next to their names. In case, a player changes his position, both the positions are listed. Substitute players are listed in the same position, where they have been placed in the batting order. If any player is playing any offensive role, appropriate markings are made (such as “ph” for pinch hitter or “pr” for pinch runner). In box score, batting statistics are displayed to the right of the players’ names. One can learn about statistics such as at-bats, runs, hits, home runs, strikeouts, bases on balls, stolen bases, time left on base, fielding errors, and season batting average. Box score also provides additional statistics on base-running, batting and fielding in non-tabular form.

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