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Baseball Standings



Baseball standings are tables that list the current position of the teams in a baseball league. Baseball standings also display other vital information to indicate team performance such as the number of matches played, matches won, winning percentage, games behind and more. Fans and others associated with the game often refer to baseball standings for current team positions and updated game results.

What Constitutes Baseball Standings?
Baseball standings provide current information on teams and their positions in a league. One can use baseball standings to get information on the following:
  • Wins: the number of matches that a particular team won.
  • Losses: the number of matches that a particular team lost.
  • PCT (Winning Percentage): it is the winning percentage of a team. One can find PCT by dividing games won by games played.
  • GB (Games Behind): it is the average of difference between the wins of leading team and wins of trailing team and the losses of leading team and losses of trailing team.
  • E# (Elimination Number): it is the total number of wins (by the leading team) and losses (by the trailing team).
  • WCGB: it is the wild card games behind.
  • L10: the performance in last 10 games.
  • STRK: it showcases the current streak.
  • HOME: Win-Loss record in home matches.
  • ROAD: Win-Loss record in road matches.
  • RS: Runs scored.
  • RA: Runs allowed.
  • DIFF: Run differential.
  • POFF: it is the percentage of chance of making the playoffs.
Major League Baseball Standings
The Major League Baseball Standings consists of two league tables, the American League table and the National League table.
American League Standings:
The American League has three divisions, East, Central and West. The baseball standings of the American League display the performance of all American League teams. The East division has 5 teams: NY Yankees, Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Baltimore. The Central division has 5 teams: Minnesota, Detroit, Chicago Sox, Cleveland and Kansas City. The West division has 4 teams: LA Angels, Texas, Seattle and Oakland.
National League Standings:
Similar to the American League, the National League also has 3 divisions, East, Central and West. The East division has 5 teams: Philadelphia, Florida, Atlanta, NY Mets, Washington. The Central division has 6 teams: St. Louis, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. The West division has 5 teams: LA Dodgers, Colorado, San Francisco, San Diego, and Arizona.
Minor League Baseball Standings
Like MLB, minor league baseball standings also display current and updated minor league results. Minor League Baseball has various classes including Triple-A, Double-A, Class A Advanced, Class A, Class A Short Season and Rookie. The standings show the performances and current positions of all teams in these classes.


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